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Lover: ((You can't ask to be here, you need to earn it))

Family: ((Ask if you want to be here))

Friends: ((Ask if you want to be here))

Enemys: ((You are in this one because your just mean))
Rp Rules
:bulletblue: Don't need to ask to rp
:bulletpurple: smut and violence are ok, but in notes, k?


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W-why... by Memamo3
Believe the theory that Chara isn't the villain, nor was Flowey. They were just misunderstood. Instead, you, the players are the ones who choose wiether to fight or to spare.

This picture is after the Geno run. After YOU killed Chara's best friend and brother. I'm not spoiling, but assuming  ones who've played the game knows what I mean. Anyway, this is after you killed Flowey, and you made Chara follow you threw his, cause, the theory that Cara is the narrator. It must have been the last straw and the turned demon-like cause, your a dirty brother killer and yeah :P
Sans: Pap, why are you still here? It’s 8 o'clock in the morning, have a break and go to sleep

*piano start playing out of thin air*

Papyrus: But, Sans, I have no time for laying around *sings* That’s just gonna have to wait awhile

Sans: *looks around* What the--

Papyrus: Ain’t got time for sleeping around, and it’s not my style

Sans: Pap, where’d that music come from?

Papyrus: This old town could slow ya down, people taking the easy way, but I know exactly what where I’m going, Undyne is helping me every day
And I’m almost there, I’m almost there, people down here think I’m crazy, but I don’t care
Trials and tribulations, I’ve done my share, there ain’t nothing gonna stop me now, cause
I’m almost there
*piano mini solo*
I remember you telling me, “Fairy tales can come true”, I gotta make them happen, it all depends on me, and I work real hard each and every day and I know someday, I ‘ll be a guard, just doing what I do, look out friends, I’m walking through
And I’m almost there, I’m almost there, people will wanna be my friend, and I’m almost there
*piano break*

Sans: *looking where the music is coming from* Pap, seriously, stop foolin around, where’s that music coming from?

Papyrus: *sings* There’s be trials, and tribulations, I know I, had my share…… but I’ve dodged the spear, I’ve made spaghetti and almost there
I’m almost there
I’m aaaaaaaaaalmoooooooooost theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *holds the note until goes inside house*

Sans: *still looking where the music came from, finds out that Grillby was following them, secretly, with a portable piano* Grillby, what’d we talk about creepin?

Grillby: …… *slowly walks backward into the darkness and bushes*

Sans: What is up with people and breaking into random song now a days?

Mettaton: *had a camera*

Sans: Mettaton, what’d we talking about being a more creepier than Grilby

Metatton: …… *slowly walking backwards and trips over a snow puff* Woah!!!

Sans: …. Kids these days *goes inside*

The End

Frisk: *learning piano from Tori*
Song Tale: Papyrus: Almost There
Originaly from Princess and the From
Pixel Panda by Memamo3
Pixel Panda
This makes me think of Fnaf, do y'all agree?
It's free, gimme a well known character, or your oc or whatever, I'll do my best to, pixelize is


Artist | Hobbyist | Other
United States
Name: Elizabeth Ishii
Nickname: Liz
Birthdate: January 29th
Age: 19 (short for her age)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Height: 5'0
Weight: A girl NEVER reveals her weight
Race: Half Japanese/secretly a fairy
Skintone: peach-ish
quotes: "don't worry about me, I'm fine."
Mode of Transportation: walks or flies
Smokes: No ((she's has a drug free life))
Drinks: No
Habits: Day dreaming, she's got ADHD, so don't be suprised if she acts like a child.
Type of childhood: Liz grew up as an orphan. She got bullied alot because she was really short.
Weaknesses: Bugs, frogs, and her size

Job: Season Fairy/ part time baby sitter
Dream: she wishes to have her own children, maybe 1 or 2.
Kiss: had her first kiss and loved it
Sexual orientation/life: Straight/Virgin
Family relations: She doesn't know her parents, so she's been living alone sense 6 years old.
Very first memory: When she met Akio.
Greatest fear: People finding out she's an orphin. Autumn is the only person that knows.

Personality: Outgoing, Friendly, Kind, Senstive, Happy, Child-like, gullible, easily amazed, caring, sort of has a gamer, and curious.
Talents: being kind, cooking, basketball, getting sood grades, gardening, hiding her true feelings, winning in MarioKart, making others happy and taking care of kids.
Unskilled at: Being truely happy, swimming, and defending herself.
Set offs: She get's upset when someone mentions about how short she is.
Appearance (wardrobe): T-shirts, jeans, and sneakers.She wears glasses. She only wears dresses and skirts on special occasions. And her fairy wings are like any other fairy wings, and the color is yellowish goldish.
Character dislikes: Her height, being alone, bugs, and frogs. ((She's afraid of bugs and frogs because she's just is))
Character likes: Helping others, cooking, singing, talking to herself, animals, friends, family, her teddy bear, candy, sweets, sun, happiness, My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic, children.
Any pets: she has two cats, one is a girl, she's a black fluffy cat, and her name is Fluffy. She loves to be loved. And then there's Mittens, a little kitten who just plays. He sometimes acts like a dog more than a cat.

Relation States: Single

More info: She baby sits her Magic Tutors kids, their twins, Hannah and Lilly. They both love Liz. Liz what's to be a parent because she doesn't have any. She secretly likes to doddle, when she's alone, she takes out a sketch book and starts to doddle, and she likes to draw people, and good at it. Liz also likes guys with long hair, and it's better with it up in a pony tail.

Liz's top secrets:
:bulletgreen: she hates being alone
:bulletred: she has a fear of bugs
Francis Grace by Memamo3
Name: Francis Grace
Nickname: None
Birthdate: August 19th
Age: 20
Hair color: minty green
Eye color: light blue
Height: 7'9''
Race: Half France/ human
Skintone: peach-ish
quotes: None yet
Mode of Transportation: walks or drives his car
Smokes: once in a good while
Drinks: on special occasions
Habits: Flirting the girls, mainly Liz, to tease Akio, and he really does like her
Type of childhood: He used to live in France when he was a baby, but he doesn't really remember much about it.
Weaknesses: dirt

Job: part time as a store clerk
Dream: He always dreamed that Akio would leave Liz so he can have Liz to him self.
Kiss: hasn't had his first kiss yet
Sexual orientation/life: Straight/Virgin
Family relations: He has a little sister name Miko, she lives with him, and he takes care of her.
Very first memory: Meeting Liz
Greatest fear: getting buried alive. getting dirty even just a little

Personality: Outgoing, flirty sometimes, a little of a clean freak, friendly
Talents: cooking, playing guitar and violin, and getting Akio pissed
Unskilled at: swimming, basketball, paying attention in school, and chess ((yes, the game))
Set offs: He gets upset when someone makes a mess, bit of a clean freak.
Appearance (wardrobe): A white dress shirt, jeans, and sneakers. His hair is alittle to his shoulders, but a little longer, and a usually ties it in a pony tail.
Character dislikes: dirty stuff, bad cooks, going into closets, and rock music.
Character likes: Liz, cooking good food, roses, clean, classic music, gardens, and cats.
Any pets: he has 1 white cat, La, she likes to hide.

Relation States: Single

More info: He knows Liz likes guys with pony tails, that's why he has his pony tail.

Francis's deepest secrests:

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